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Making convenient interaction with Kotlin from Swift

Room 2
Language -RU

Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile allows you to write a common library for Android and iOS in Kotlin and use classes written in Kotlin from Swift directly. But due to the use of Objective C as a bridge between Kotlin and Swift, not all Kotlin language constructs are convenient to use from Swift. For example sealed class/interface, in/out generic types, extension functions to some data types. We will analyze how to make the use of the Kotlin module by Swift comfortable and the code reliable. Why and how the moko-kswift gradle plugin was created and what other means can be used to improve the experience of iOS developers in KMM.

Suitable for Android and iOS developers who are already working with Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile and for those who have read and watched materials about KMM. Most relevant to developers looking to improve the iOS developer experience when using Kotlin Multiplatform.

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