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BoF-session: peeking into each other's configs. What development tools, practices and gadgets would you recommend to your colleagues?

Room 4
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At the BoF, in contrast to talks and roundtables, there is no division into participants and presenters: here everyone interacts with each other as equals,
The main thing is not to off-topic and discuss the topic. Please note: This session will only be available offline. There will be no recording or broadcasting.

At conferences they often discuss who uses which frameworks, how they design the application architecture. At this BoF session, we will bring up an even more intimate topic: the developer's workplace, both real and virtual.

Do you use a split keyboard or work standing on a balanceboard? Maybe you're already four meta universes ahead and working from VR? Without what plugin won't you install the studio? Which alias in your .zshrc do you particularly care about? Do you use Pomodoro or are you learning zen and not evaluating tasks?

Let's share the things that help you overcome your routine and make your work life better.

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