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Declarative UI. Flutter vs SwiftUI vs Jetpack Compose

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There is a recent trend in mobile development towards declarative UI layout. And in this talk, the speaker wants first of all to understand why this is happening. To do this we will have to remember what a "declarative UI" is, what its pros and cons are. Maybe it is not necessary and is just another stylish, trendy and fashionable thing, and it is better to use constrain UI in the old way.

Anatoly believes that declarative UI has a future, but whether it is cloudless or not, we need to understand it. To understand this, let's take the most popular (without React Native: seriously, enough!) approaches and arrange a small battle between them. This will allow us to look at all the nuances through the prism of comparing different implementations—from the ease of entry for newbies to the performance and quality of internal implementation.

The talk is more overview than practical, but no less interesting.


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