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Deep Dive Into Deep Link

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The reason for the appearance of the material was the task from the last project. It was necessary to expand the content coverage of the application with new Deep Links. Everything sounded simple, but when we started testing the solution, non-obvious problems appeared: Deep Links worked differently on different versions of Android, shells, devices, applications.

Do you know the answers to the questions?

  • How will Deep Link work on a link if you open it in the SMS client of Honor 9 Lite (Android 9.0, EMUI 9.1.0)?
  • And if you try Gmail on Samsung A70 (Android 10.0, One UI 2.5)?
  • Or try Telegram on Xiaomi Mi5 (Android 8.0, MIUI Global

We know the answers because we have passed 280+ tests and seen everything with our own eyes! We also learned how to process links at the application level (Linkify, HTML, Span), how they are dispatched (Jetpack Navigation Component, airbnb/DeepLinkDispatch, Custom), what nuances of Android you will have to hit in and how to soften these hits :) All this will save your time and efforts when working with Deep Link.

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